Practical Recycling Tips for Your Bathroom

Recycling old materials in your residential bathroom can seem challenging, but the practice can be highly beneficial. In simple terms, if you are diligent in recycling, you will minimise the cumulative quantity of rubbish ending up in a landfill. Also, the collected materials will be used in industrial and manufacturing, reducing the strain on natural resources. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the right practices for recycling the old waste. Here are simple tips to help enhance your recycling efforts in your bathroom. Read More 

How Can I Dispose of all My Old Fence Panels?

If you have recently replaced an old and rotting fence, you may now be left with a substantial pile of fence paneling. However, because of the weight and size of the panels, transporting them to the local tip may require several trips. You also cannot burn them in your backyard as not only is this illegal in many states without a permit, but the paneling could contain harmful chemicals such as chromate copper arsenate. Read More 

4 Surprising Times You Should Consider Hiring a Skip Bin

While it is very common for a household to hire a skip bin during renovation work, there are also other times when a skip bin can be very useful. Below is a guide to 4 surprising times when hiring a skip bin may make things easier. When you child is leaving home If you child has grown up and is ready to leave home, it is likely they will have a lot of old toys, clothes, books, school projects and other things they have acquired throughout their childhood. Read More 

Some Tips for Safely Using a Wheeled Commercial Skip Bin

A commercial skip bin is often needed for big cleanup jobs and renovation work, as you may not be legally allowed to gather up the trash and debris created by these jobs and leave it all by the curb. When renting a skip bin, you may be concerned about its size and capacity, but you should also be worried about how to use it safely. This is especially true if you choose a bin with wheels, as you don't want it sliding out of place and anyone getting injured while working around the bin. Read More 

How to Stop Rubbish from Building Up on the Ground Around Your Apartment Building’s Skips

If you run an apartment building, you have a lot of things to worry about, and errants rubbish collecting around your skip is just one of them. Luckily, you can minimise the rubbish around your bins just by implementing a few quick and easy tips. Take a look at these ideas: 1. Require your tenants to use bin liners When you have your tenants sign their leases, that document should outline the cost of the flat as well as expectations you have for your tenants, and one of those expectations should be that your tenants use bin liners. Read More