Information To Inquire About Before Hiring Residential Waste Removal Services

If you have recently engaged in a project at your residence that has resulted in a substantial amount of waste, you will need professional services to eliminate the waste for you. However, residential waste removal, whether you opt to do it on your own or not, is not merely about collecting the trash and transporting it to a landfill.

Strict council regulations govern this waste disposal, so it is crucial to know what is expected, or you stand the risk of paying hefty fines. With that in mind, your best option is hiring residential waste removal services. To ensure you are hiring the right company for your needs, here is information that you should inquire about before enlisting these services.            

Is the company insured?

Waste removal can be a dangerous job. If the professionals will be handling heavy materials, such as demolished concrete or other forms of debris, then you need to ensure that they have the proper insurance. First, the insurance coverage will protect you from paying for any damage that occurs on your property when the waste removal is in progress. For instance, if damage is caused to your driveway by a skip bin, the insurance will cover the repairs.

Second, the insurance ensures that you are not liable for injuries on your property. If any of the professionals sustain an injury, they should have coverage for the medical costs. Inquire about the different policies that the company has taken out before you choose who will handle the residential waste removal on your property.

How is the waste handled and disposed of?

The second thing that you should inquire about is how your waste will be handled, especially if you have different types of waste. For example, if you engaged in a demolition project, you could have some exposed asbestos that will require specialised handling, since this is a hazardous material. On the other hand, if it was a decluttering project and you have chosen to get rid of dead car batteries, these items cannot be disposed of the same way as you would old organic waste supplies from landscaping.

A reputable waste disposal service will have different types of bins for varying waste materials. In addition to this, they will have the gear to handle hazardous waste materials without you being exposed to them. Lastly, a reputable waste disposal company will have measures in place for recycling materials that can be recycled and proper channels to eliminate those that cannot.