How to Stop Rubbish from Building Up on the Ground Around Your Apartment Building’s Skips

If you run an apartment building, you have a lot of things to worry about, and errants rubbish collecting around your skip is just one of them. Luckily, you can minimise the rubbish around your bins just by implementing a few quick and easy tips. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Require your tenants to use bin liners

When you have your tenants sign their leases, that document should outline the cost of the flat as well as expectations you have for your tenants, and one of those expectations should be that your tenants use bin liners.

If tenants throw unbagged rubbish into your skips, wild animals could jump in, grab the rubbish and spread it around the ground. Even wind could whip through and move some of that rubbish. Requiring garbage bags or bin liners helps to avoid both of these issues.

2. Place your skip in an enclosed space

The more empty room there is around your rubbish bins or skips, the easier it is for rubbish to visibly collect in these areas. Ideally, you should place your bins or skips in an enclosed area. If you have a garage or a small enclosure for your bins, any rubbish that appears on the ground will be hidden from sight.

3. Sweep around the bins as a routine maintenance task

If you or a team of cleaners cleans your apartment block, sweeping around the bins should be a routine part of the cleaning schedule. If you sweep around the bins regularly, it makes the area look clean. When cleanliness becomes the default, tenants are more likely to respect the area and keep it clean.

In contrast, if it is full of litter, they may just add to the stack.

4. Hang "don't be a tosser" posters

In some cases, people don't purposefully litter around apartment rubbish bins. Rather, they throw waste in, and it misses and hits the ground. Use posters to stop this practice. Tell your tenants "don't be a tosser" and encourage them to place their rubbish into the bins.

5. Order a larger bin if necessary

If rubbish is constantly building up on the ground in front of your bins on the day or two before your garbage removal company takes away your trash, that is a definite sign that you need a larger bin. If build up only happens once in a while, for example around the holidays or when you have tenants moving in or out, consider ordering extra bins for those occasions.

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